Trump OG

This tentatively named TRUMP OG strain is an indica-predominant crossover made by mixing two notable strains, OG Kush  strain and the shrewdly named Presidential OG.

Try not to allow the name to influence you for sure, as this is a very giggly bud and definitely worth the attempt.

In the event that nothing else about the name TRUMP makes you snicker, let this be the thing.

These fleecy, woods green buds smell of tree products of the soil with traces of sharp lemon and citrus organic products.

The fragrances are a lot of a similar in these little grape molded buds.

The thick covering of orange hair and golden trichomes give it the visual pop that makes developing bud so fine.

TRUMP OG strain is a creeper and tends to surprise if you don’t watch out. This one is coming for you hard after only several hits.

It makes the client become totally thoughtful, so don’t be astonished on the off chance that you out of nowhere become calm and weighty.

It is likewise serious areas of strength for a, which is perfect on the off chance that you need a strong evening of rest.

As you inch your direction nearer to your bed you might feel the munchies. So make certain to get set up with your number one bites so you don’t end up meandering like a zombie around midnight looking for food.

Due to the previously mentioned impacts, this strain is ideally suited for a bunch of clinical diseases.

Notwithstanding its extremely smooth smoke, which makes it simpler for amateurs to slide into finding their breaking point. It is profoundly viable in the treatment of misery, stress, uneasiness, agony, headaches, and a sleeping disorder.

How To Grow Weed | TRUMP OG

Growing this plant inclines towards middle of the road as it is inclined to certain molds and could give novices a cerebral pain they are attempting to fix.

Partake in the your rewards for all the hard work at around 8 to 9 weeks for indoor cultivators.  The yield is normal, yet entirely not disheartening.

No matter what your affections for this strain‘s namesake, it merits that puff puff pass. The incredibly senseless nature of this bud makes it very friendly and worth the toke.

The high THC normal at 20% is perfect for a large number of illnesses, settling on it a heavenly medical marijuana strain.

Effects | Health Benefits

As it provides clients with an explosion of energy on the underlying rush, it is likewise perfect for brief help of weakness. However isn’t suggested for long haul treatment of this specific torment.

The smoke is kind with your lungs and will leave you feeling very fulfilled, a piece hungry, and extremely prepared for bed.

THC Content
Most elevated TEST: 20%
STRAIN Normal: 20%
INDICA Normal: 12%
WIKILEAF Normal: 18%
WIKILEAF Most elevated: 35%

Common Impacts
Normal Use
Horrendous Pressure

From the get go, you’ll feel loquacious and lively, with significant chuckle fits all through the high. That outgoing person ripples off into a stoney buzz that surpasses your entire body.


30 grams, 115 grams, 230 grams, 460 grams


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