A strain that accompanies a name that conveys all in all a standing. Nonetheless, it has got nothing to do with the hallucinogenic medication that LSD is, however really gets its name from the solid brain adjusting high that smoking the LSD strain gives you.

Indica-dominant hybrid strain (55% Indica 45% Sativa)
Contains up to 24% THC content
Well suited for indoor growth

A genuinely adjusted blend of Indica and Sativa, this kush strain conveys a 55% indica heredity alongside a 45% sativa ancestry, which makes it a very decent choice for stoners searching for a fair harmony between a psyche high and a body-high.

The strain gives you all in all a shock when you smoke it recreationally as it accompanies a high THC content at around 24%.

This strain is maybe one the best cross breed strain weed plants for amateur producers and for individuals who are developing weed interestingly. This is on the grounds that it doesn’t require an over the top checking, and it can likewise become inside beautiful well.

How To Grow Weed | LSD Strain

The strain takes around 10 to 14 weeks to completely develop, however remember that this is a low-yielding strain so you should grow numerous plants, as you get around 5 to 6 oz per square meter here.

A victor of the Cannabis Cup just as the Sativa Cup, this plant has a seriously ‘hearty’ taste to it, which stoners truly appreciate.

Simply ensure that you’re not permitting the temperatures to drop excessively low or the light to go excessively faint, and you have a plant here which needn’t bother with much consideration or observing.

It likewise gives an extremely powerful high that stoners normally will quite often appreciate.

Effects Of The Strain

Summarising, this strain provides you with an extremely cheerful and euphoric feeling of delight when you smoke it, yet it additionally permits you to back out and loosen up better toward the day’s end.


67% of people report feeling euphoric
63% of people report feeling happy
54% of people report feeling uplifted


Dry mouth
33% of people report feeling dry mouth
Dry eyes
18% of people report feeling dry eyes
9% of people report feeling dizzy

Helps with

38% of people say it helps with stress
30% of people say it helps with depression
30% of people say it helps with anxiety




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