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A squat-growing sativa that has almost pure Haze qualities, Cinderella 99 is truly a gem of cannabis engineering.  It produces a long, thick central colas if left up-topped and has a very high calyx-to-leaf ratio, making it extremely desirable to breeders.  A very good producer as well, it’s equally suitable for commercial or connoisseur gardens.  It’s been used in countless crosses over the years, and though the original seed stock is thought to be largely extinct, many breeders have created very stable F2 seed stock, allowing this incredible plant’s genetic line to live on. Cinderella 99 for sale

Varies a bit according to phenotype (there are two main ones — grapefruit and pineapple), but it’s generally a sharp and almost putrid citrus/pineapple.  The Brothers Grimm’s favorite phenotype was known as the “evil pineapple” pheno and has an almost rotten meat quality to the sharp fruity smells.

Cinderella 99 is known for having a soaring cerebral effect that can be very rushy for some patients.  It’s often a “thinker” strain, making the mind race at a million miles per hour and even causing visual and auditory distortions.  Recommended most highly for its strong nerve effects, headache relief, appetite stimulation, and energy.  Not really recommended for those with anxiety issues or those seeking sleep aid or deep relaxation… this is a strain which can keep you awake at night due to the uptick in mental activity.

Bred for indoor growing, C-99 works well in soil or hydro, but the best flavors are generally realized through soil.  It’s a plant that stays relatively short for its sativa-heavy lineage, producing a lot of branches and a long main cola if left untrained. buy weed online us,
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