Cherry Pie


Cherry Pie

From two or three genuinely adjusted strains to one that is overpoweringly overwhelmed by the Indica strain – this is Cherry Pie, one of the most outstanding cross breed strains of cannabis that stoners have truly increased in value throughout the long term.

Indica-dominant hybrid (80% indica, 20% sativa)
Up to 23% THC content
Great strain for someone who wants to relax

A strain that gives THC levels up to 23%, and one that assists you with loosening up all around well, Cherry Pie is very famous among the American youth.

The strain gets its name from the sweet and berry-like taste that it leaves in your mouth whenever you’ve smoked it. The smell of this strain as well, is very unmistakable and minty.

How To Grow Weed | Cherry Pie Strain

Coming to how to grow weed , this is a strain that is very appropriate for indoor growers, as it really normally likes an indoor climate. Simply ensure you’re furnishing it with exceptionally brilliant lights and a somewhat warm (yet not hot) climate.

When developed to its best potential, it can give you around 14 ounces of weed for each plant.

The Cherry Pie strain comes as a combination of Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison, or if nothing else that a great many people accept about it as the beginning of this strain is a seriously confidential.

This is a very inspiring strain and is utilized by individuals who need to get into a glad state of mind before they head off to rest. While this gives an extremely cheerful and euphoric high, it doesn’t fill you with energy and make you social like some sativa-predominant strains here do.

This is an incredible pressure buster, just as something that you should consume after a truly long and tiring day. This black cherry pie strain can likewise give you a remarkable munchies, making it a solid match for somebody who needs to handle a deficiency of hunger.

Medical Effects

It is likewise a generally excellent choice for a mid-evening smoke, on the off chance that you need to float off into a rest. You should keep a jug or two of water close to you while you smoke this strain however, as it is known to cause cottonmouth.


67% of people report feeling relaxed
65% of people report feeling happy
27% of people report feeling giggly


Dry mouth
26% of people report feeling dry mouth
Dry eyes
15% of people report feeling dry eyes
5% of people report feeling dizzy

Helps with

35% of people say it helps with stress
28% of people say it helps with depression
26% of people say it helps with anxiety




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