Amnesia Haze


Amnesia Haze

The Amnesia Haze Strain has a fairly deceptive name: it’s a sativa-predominant half breed that, regardless of its power, won’t leave you with a seriously weakened memory.

Made from a cross out of staple strain haze and a few different overall landraces, including Thai, Hawaiian, and Afghani, Amnesia haze may really drive motivation instead of neglect.

The Afghani indica in its hereditary qualities makes for an even, though to some degree cerebral high.

Amnesia Haze that exists in the business market is principally gotten from two sources: First Medical Seed and Soma Seeds, the Amsterdam-based organization answerable for imaginative strains like Lavender.

The strain is a #1 for its inspiring energies and its rich flavor. It won first spot in general in the 2004 Pot Cup and Best Sativa in the 2012 Weed Cup. The THC content of Amnesia Haze goes from around 20% to 25%.

Amnesia Haze Strain

This strain is recognized by its thick, thick blossoms which show a blend of indica and sativa bud structures: albeit firmly pressed, the buds are more tightened and diverting than round.

Contingent upon how they’re relieved, buds will have a greenish to yellow color. Rust-hued pistils, implied for the blossoms to get dust from other male marijuana plants, contrast the leaves.

Aggregates of Amnesia Haze can differ, with a playing host to more shady white trichomes than others; psychoactive strength can likewise fluctuate in these cases.

The novel size of the strain buds is matched by an extraordinary fragrance and taste. The roses quickly present a lemony tang that is mellowed out by some heartiness.

Notes of wood, particularly cedar, are obvious in the buds. Severing open the buds gives a weak fiery fragrance, which might be recognizable to enthusiasts of different strains in the Haze family.

In spite of this wealth, smoke is smooth when breathed in. The taste, both right away and when breathed out, is again run of the mill of Cloudiness strains, with a zesty and citrus-contaminated flavor.

This can be a sharp strain, and the smell of smoke might wait.

Medical Effects | Health benefits

Amnesia haze has a large number of the incredible characteristics that mark both indica and sativa assortments, despite the fact that clients might arrive on the more insightful finish of that range.

The high comes up very quickly, inciting cerebral reasoning and an unexpected intense consciousness of environmental factors. In a positive set and setting, this psychological honing can prompt an euphoric perspective.

Clients might feel a perking up as well as an energy to achieve undertakings. Albeit cerebral, Amnesia Haze likewise has enough of an indica spine to likewise give unwinding and insightfulness.

The blend serious areas of strength for of and actual impacts pursues this strain a decent decision for exercises that include both psyche and body, including however not restricted to exercise and sex.

All the more restoratively speaking, Amnesia Haze’s feeling of center can be useful for those with consideration shortage issues who experience difficulty focusing on unambiguous assignments.

It can likewise be serious areas of strength for an energizer.

On the negative side, those inclined to uneasiness might encounter a level of neurosis because of Amnesia Haze’s inclination to welcome on a feeling of hysterical brain race; thusly, marijuana newbies might need to treat introductory measurements of this strain. This assortment’s solid high likewise will in general endure longer than normal.


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