Acapulco Gold


Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is a Sativa-dominant half breed weed strain known for the brilliant tint of its green as well as caramel buds.

This old strain is said to deliver a strong cerebral high that raises one’s state of mind without creating overwhelming sensations of satisfaction. weed online kaufen

All things being equal, the cerebral high of this Gold strain blends in with a quieting body high for a loosening up encounter. Gentle suspicion and uneasiness have additionally been accounted for.

Acapulco Gold Strain

Clients might encounter dry mouth and eyes as well as migraines from utilizing the Acapulcoo gold strain.

Victims of issues, for example, General Tension Problem or PTSD utilize this acapulco gold strain to track down help from pressure and uneasiness.

Those managing discouragement use it to lift their temperament. The body high can likewise ease constant a throbbing painfulness.

Acapulco Gold comes from Acapulco, Mexico, yet the specific hereditary qualities of the strain are obscure.

How To Grow Weed

Customarily, this strain was developed outdoors. Growing it indoors is as yet ending up precarious for growers as there are no reasonable rules on the best way to make it happen. 420 Fams has perfected this similarly to the  Gold leaf strain

This makes the strain harder to find as additional producers move their activities inside. When developed inside, the strain blossoms for 70-75 days. Outside, plants are prepared for reap by mid-October.

There have been reports of yields as much as 500 grams for each square meter. Tests have demonstrated the way that Acapulco Gold plants can have as much as 23% THC.

Medical Effects | Health Benefits

Average Impacts
Normal Use
A Deficiency OF Hunger

THC Content
Most elevated TEST: 23%
STRAIN Normal: 19%
SATIVA Normal: 13%
WIKILEAF Normal: 18%
WIKILEAF Most elevated: 35%



30 grams, 115 grams, 230 grams, 460 grams


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